Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review of The Switch by Dawn Pendleton and Andrea Heltsley


Honor and Faith haven’t switched places since they were kids. When Honor begs her twin sister to go on a date with her boyfriend, Cameron, Faith reluctantly agrees. The problem is that she lets things go too far. Now Honor and Cameron have broken up and he won’t stop calling Faith, claiming he felt something more for her. The scary thing is, Faith felt it too. The problem, however, is the one rule that sisters and best friends abide by: don’t date their exes.

Honor has her own problems. Breaking it off with Cameron was the right thing to do, but now his best friend, Parker, won’t leave her alone. The more time they spend together, the more Honor starts to heal. Suddenly, Honor sees Parker as more than just a friend who cares – and she wants more.

Neither sister wants to complicate things further and cross those boundaries, but they can’t stop their emotions for the guys in their lives. Turns out, the switch is the one thing that has changed them forever.

My Review
3.00 stars

Faith has been crushing over Cam for a long time now but that doesn't act on it because he's her sister's boyfriend. On the night of Honor and Cam's anniversary, Honor decided to switch places with Faith despite Faith reluctance and because Honor doesn't feel for him anymore. During the anniversary Faith kissed Cam wherein sparks fly but this is also became the reason why Faith and Honor strained the relationship between both sisters for a while. Although Cam and Honor mutually consented to break up and to remain as friends. Now, the situation became trickier when Cam wouldn't leave her alone and when Parker, Cam's best friend, wouldn't leave Honor alone as well. As both Honor and Faith spends more time with both Cam and Parker their feelings grew as well. Along side their relationship they have to face off bullying and fighting between friendships. 

The story line was great and it tells about the point of view of both Faith and Honor. I enjoyed reading Faith's point of view at the beginning and on the later part not so much. And for Honor I kind of disliked her the whole story especially when she was being a over dramatic. But I enjoyed the story of the relationship between the sisters as the story goes one. It was a good read but it wasn't really satisfying. 

*I received an arc from netgalley in exchange for an honest review*