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[Book Tour] Review: The Griever's Mark (Griever's Mark #1) by Katherine Hurley


The Griever's Mark (Griever's Mark #1)
Release Date: 11/11/14
333 pages
Summary from Goodreads:
Astarti’s master controls her through a Leash, a bond of energy anchored deep within her. Despite being one of the few remaining Drifters, able to manipulate the energy world, she cannot break free. She knows her fate: she will serve until she dies, at which point her master will harvest her energy to augment his own.

Oh, yes, she’s done some bad things in her master’s name. She’s not asking for forgiveness. She expects you to hate her.

What she doesn't expect is Logan, a man meant to be her sworn enemy. A man with secrets as dark as her own.

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Another unique story I've read so far.

The Griever's Mark tells the story of Astarti who is a drifter (can't explain this well since I'm still confuse on how her power works but she sorts disappear somewhere and sees things different and she can summon her own weapon) and is leash by Belos who is the main antagonist of the story. Being Leash means she's bound to Belos and he can not only kill her but take her life force and summon her as well.

What is different about her is that despite being practically raised by Belos she has goodness in her and does things that makes Belos angry. Like saving an Earthmaker who is practically Belos' enemy. In one of her missions, she meets Logan, a Warden who is actually an Earthmaker. She couldn't kill him despite being her enemy. After meeting Logan, let's just say her life just got more complicated like discovering another power of hers, rescuing Logan and he her, and finding out who Logan is and her past, and most importantly the feelings developing between Logan and Astarti which is actually forbidden.  Who doesn't love forbidden romances?

That's a lot of twist and turns in this plot. Although I had an inkling about Astarti but not everything so imagine my shock but I won't spoil that part. Then there's Logan. All I can say is that he is still a mystery to me. There's very little info about him ans I can't wait to find out about his secrets and his past.

I loved the relationship between Logan and Astarti but it's frustrating for me since every time they seemed to move forward they take two steps backward. I freaking wish they forget about the Earthmaker's Law despite the consequences.

Astarti's character needs to develop more but I think she will judging by how the ending goes but I hope she's not reckless enough to do something stupid. She's done enough od her share in this book.

I loved that there were parts of Logan's pov. I got to understand him a little but he's a bit immature as well despite being 30 years old. But I loved his protectiveness of Astarti and she him. He's actually powerful almost like Astarti and I wonder if they are the same.

I'm saddened by the ending but it's to be expected that it is a cliffhanger. My only wish right now is that they will be reunited together.

I won't say much about th other characters because that might spoil the whole thing although I can say that they are interesting in their own way especially the titles and the culture of the Earthmakers.

The world building is interesting enough but I think the most important details are missing. And there's more to the Drifters besides them being Unclean from others pov. I can't wait to find out more about their world and what happens to Astarti and Logan. I also loved Astarti's name.

Oh, and isn't the cover pretty?

About the Author
I’m Katherine Hurley, author of The Griever’s Mark series. Book 1 will be out in November 2014 and Book 2 in spring of 2015.
My love of myth and legend led me inexorably into fantasy, and I have no intention of leaving. Ever. I grew up riding horses and finally, finally, finally have one of my very own. (I’m hoping Astarti will get some quality horse time at some point, but Drifters don’t really need horses. Hmm.) I’m also an avid (but amateur!) mountain biker and whitewater kayaker.

I was born in New Mexico, grew up in Kansas, got my MFA in Michigan, and now live in West Virginia. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been is New Zealand.
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