Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review: Obsidian Mask (Lion Security, #2) by Scarlett Dawn


Title: Obsidian Mask (Lion Security, #2)
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Release day: July 25, 2015
The best-selling mafia series, by NYT Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, continues with Obsidian Mask, where stakes are raised in passion and devotion--not just guns...

Elizabeth Forter tamed the head of the Russian mafia, Daniil Kozar. Or so she thought. But the mafia has nothing on her parents--the preacher and anti-gun conspirator. The Lion Security team is thrown for a loop when Mr. and Mrs. Forter decided Key West is their next destination to save their daughter from her 'down-slide' into the darker side.

While Elizabeth is busy distracting her overbearing parents...her lover is watching her. Because she lied. And lying to the Russian mafia can only cause groundbreaking shenanigans. The sort of trouble Elizabeth isn't prepared for, ultimately tying her to the gun-waving killers.

Perhaps Elizabeth and Daniil should have watched their backs, instead of each other. Two lovers can be blinded by their own wants. So what happens when the very air you breathe is poisonous? You put on a gas mask...and pray.


Loved it. It keeps getting better.

Elizabeth and Daniil's relationship does exactly remind me of Ezra and Lily but in a good way. Plus, I loved the humorous scenes that kept on coming. Most especially when a certain family of someone appeared which made the story more interesting and comical. Actually make that two.

Then there's the children of Daniil and the relationship of his children. There's a lot of couples and would be couples that I'd like to read.

I also actually thought that this would be their final book but I was dead wrong. Another cliffhanger here but I'd still like to read the next one and I hope those would be couples have their own story. They seemed pretty interesting.

I received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.