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[Blog Tour] Review: The Boy Who Came Back A Wolf (Space Wolf Chronicles #1) by Kara Lockharte


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Book Description:
As one of New Tokyo’s
top entrepreneurs, everyone knows the name Lauryn Daring. I’ve got almost
everything I want: money, power, respect. The only thing I’m missing is someone
to share it with. It’s definitely not going to be skinny white boy Xavier
Stone. He was my best friend growing up and though he may have had a crush on
me when we were young, I thought that I would never be physically satisfied by
a man I’d be afraid of squashing in bed.
I haven’t seen nor
heard from him since he shipped out on a military transport and stationed to a
planet of werewolves more than a decade ago. Now he’s coming home and the least
I can do for an old friend is offer him a place to stay. He says he’s not the
boy I grew up with, but I know I can trust him. If Xavier insists he still has
feelings for me, I’ll be able to handle it better this time.
Or will I?

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Why was it that some
men, particularly white men from First Earth, always believed that black women
must be in need of dick? Not just any dick per se, but theirs, of course. Take
Sir Jameson Charles, a recent immigrant from First Earth. In his own mind,
because he came from humanity’s birthplace, he was clearly a superior specimen.
In a place where they
used to burn fossil fuels perhaps.
It didn’t matter to
Sir Charles that I was a trillionaire who ran LD Holdings, one of the most
prominent real estate management companies in New Tokyo, and one of the very
companies he was trying to entice to partner with him in an offworld investment
in an asteroid resort. It didn’t matter that he was fat, balding and had a
mustache that looked like it had been glued on.
Nope. All that
mattered to him was that I was 1) female and 2) black, not necessarily in that
order. He kept talking to my cleavage and trying to touch my hair. If we hadn’t
been at my friend’s charity event for disabled kids with children actually
there, I would have run him over with a floating wheelchair. While he was
distracted, I managed to dodge the fancy human servers, say my farewells to the
hostess and leave the party.
I waited outside on
the balcony for my aircar to arrive. I was checking my messages when I heard
him behind me.
“The famous Lauryn Daring. Are you sure
you don’t want to take me up on that drink?”
I quickly typed something into my phone
and turned slowly with an exasperated sigh.
Sir Charles held up a
bottle of scotch. It was the good stuff, the kind that came from First Earth.
Huge eyebrows jumped up and down. He must have believed that to be sexy I
guess, but it was actually kind of creepy.
I stepped away from
him. “I’m sure.”
He ignored my clear
dismissal. “Look, I’ll be honest, I’m just trying to give you a chance. I’m
sure women like you don’t often get an opportunity to have some fun.”
Was he saying what I
think he was saying? I lowered my screen, took off my glasses and gave him my
deadliest stare.  “What do you mean women like me?”
“I actually kind of find larger black
women somewhat of attractive.”

Not this crap. I moved to go back inside
to find someone I knew who could help me keep away from this jerk before I
strangled him.


This was a quick easy read. Make that a very short read. It may be categorized as an erotica but it's pretty mild compared to others which is probably why I enjoyed it more. Although don't get me wrong the scenes were still hot.

This was mostly told in Lauryn's pov. It explained pretty much about her life. Her past to the present and also how she currently feels about her current situation. She's actually strong and there were times I agreed with her sentiment and others not so much especially her decision on how she became successful and how she regarded Xavier.

Xavier and Lauryn were childhood friends but due to some circumstances (mostly Lauryn's) they drifted apart until Lauryn suddenly received contact from Xavier who was stationed in another planet of wolf shifters.

I won't get into details about their reunion except they finally opened up to one another. Their ending was a temporary one, not their true HEA but their story would continue after another couple.

I look forward to reading the rest of this series. 


Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Wolf Chronicles. She loves writing science fiction interracial romances blended with fantasy elements. Multicultural futuristic worlds  involving big beautiful women (BBW) and  and shapeshifters (werewolves, weretigers, etc) are among her favorite subjects. She lives on Planet Earth.

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