Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review: Game Master (Skeleton Key) by Scarlett Dawn


Title: Game Master (Skeleton Key)
Author: Scarlett Dawn
Release day: 6/18/16
Arizona Creed lost her assassin father, and her whole world changed.
With one magical skeleton key, Arizona lands in another realm.

Forget Earth. Terlant is the place to be. And Lucifer wants her there, the dashing man with no last name and more secrets than even she has. But love isn’t always enough. Arizona must find purpose in her new life.

The Royal Guard could give Lucifer and Arizona what they desire.
They only need to pass two tests to win the Game and enter the elite Guard.
But is her real test to open her heart to true love?
And will she win her wings to fly into his arms?


Isn't the cover pretty. Reading the book, the cover made perfect sense.

Arizona's story past was sad. She just lost her father and she was running from his killers. In which led her to finding a key which opened the door that led her to Terlant.

Her first acquaintance when she arrived at Terlant was Kingsley. I liked how she was calm when learned that she wasn't on Earth. It also led her meeting to Lucifer (who's super hot, just fangirling over here), who was a spare to a kingdom but due to some circumstances he doesn't want to be found by his family. 

Arizona and Lucifer both live together for years and helped one another. What led them to the game master was because of a certain talking frog who thought they need a bit of spice in their life. At first I really thought he betrayed them but did more of a favor. 

Arizona and Lucifer accepted the challenge to become part of the Guard. Along the challenges that they have undergone, it also made Arizona realized something about herself. Her true feelings.

This was just too sweet and how they finally got together. 

It may be short but I loved rereading it.

I wish there was more.

I received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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