Monday, January 13, 2014

Review of DayDreamer by Chrissy Moon


YOUNG ADULT (YA) -- Kayla’s sixteen and a half. And she’s Lyzicc. That means her birth parents are ancient mythos creatures who’ve been hiding out on Earth. She has no idea who they are. All she knows is that she has a strange new power that shows her the daydreams of others. Two of the cutest guys in school are competing for her attention. Hale is Lyzicc and is pretty tight-lipped about his background. Collin comes from a family whose dark obsession with the Lyzicc Community keeps Kayla guessing about his true intentions. Join Kayla as she hunts for the truth about herself and tries to survive high school at the same time!


 3 stars

Kayla is a Lyzicc, a child from the union of parents who are ancient mythos creatures. She doesn't know anything about her birth parents nor more information about Lyzicc. She's infatuated with Hale and finds out that he too is a Lyzicc. There's also another guy named Collin who rivals Hale for her affection. Kayla learns not only her power is called daydream but what truths are hidden by her loved ones.

I'll describe Kayla with two words, she is a walking disaster. Although it is quite funny, how she puts herself in these situations. The thing I dislike about her is that she says one thing and then later contradicts it, most especially about her feelings for Hale and Collin. At first I really thought she was fickle because her inner monologue would say about her attraction to both guys and she brushes them off because she feels something for two guys and feels guilty about it later.

I don't hate love triangles but I'm not a fan of them either. I am rooting for Hale though.

The world of Lyzicc is a really interesting concept and I loved that the parents are from different cultures of myth although at first, I thought it was purely Greek mythology. Though I feel this book needed something more but it was definitely an enjoyable read. I find the ending to be a cliffhanger because it made think, "that's it?".

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series (if there will be), it got really interesting in the end.

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*